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Why ChalkShot

ChalkShot provides the only quick and easy, high visibility non-permanent marking solution for drilling blind holes to affix brackets, handles and other items on hard to mark surfaces. ChalkShot works on almost any surface including stucco, tile, brick, wood, and even steel and reaches hard to reach spots – easily!

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ChalkShot is the new revolutionary non-permanent, highly visible marking solution when drilling blind holes on a variety of surfaces. With a single push – ChalkShot sends a spray of bright neon green chalk into any hole up to two inches in depth. Cleans up with the wipe of a rag. 

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No more hunting around for a pencil to sharpen to a ridiculous point or hammering drill bits through tiny holes, potentially damaging the surface and the bit. Using ChalkShot for holes up to 2 inches in depth is as easy as 1-2-3. 


Press it


Mark it


Drill it

Customers reviews

“We do a ton of commercial construction…remodeling existing retail stores and building new stores. Chalkshot saves us time by easily marking fixture installation points – especially in bathrooms – works way better than a marker on tile and granite.”
Pat Conway
Schwertner Construction, Philadelphia, Pa
"I have been using the ChalkShot for over a month. It works great when I’m having to hang pictures & TVs in businesses. Makes my job much easier. I was using just a pencil. What I also like about it it’s easy to wipe off if you make a mistake."
Joey Sparks
Mr Handyman
“As the owner of an electrical business I am always looking for ways to boost productivity. Chalkshot has helped us install weatherproof boxes faster and easier as well as conduit straps and electrical boxes. I’ve only had one for a week and I’m already using it every day.”
Fran Iacono
Iacono Electric Co., Wilmington, DE
“As a high-end landscape carpenter – I install everything from large timbers to elegant handrails on the outdoor projects we build. Chalkshot is quick and easy to use and marks surfaces that we used to struggle with… dirty cement pads with mud-no problem. Granite pads… no problem. We now take a couple on every job we do…”
Ed DeJonge
Cedar Springs Landscaping Group, Oakville, ON Canada
"I just used this for the first time, worked well. always looking for something to make my life a little easier so I don't get frustrated."
Verified Customer
"I have been trying the chalkshot for about a week. Had to go into a house and get it ready to sell. I used the chalkshot on drapes that need to be hung up in the house. The ChalkShot was much easier to mark the spot on where I needed to drill the holes for the brackets to hang the rods. I usually use a pen or pencil to mark the spot. Great product! "
Floyd Cloud
Mr Handyman
"I was given a few samples of ChalkShot a few months back. The product works great on all types of application. From hanging fixtures to installing step railings. Also works great on marking tile where you need to drill. What I like about it. No more marking pens or pencils. With ChalkShot you can easily wipe it off when you're done."
Devin Chatham
Dallas, TX
"I love them, help me for accuracy when a writing utensil just won’t reach. Perfect every shot."
Verified Customer
"...I had a significant job ahead of me to hang vinyl shutters on a brick house and came across your product while surfing the Web. I knew I had to try it not knowing exactly how I was going to do the hole locations without mapping or templates. Well long story short ChalkShot was a game changer I would highly recommend it. 22 shutters later and 132 holes it only took 1 ChalkShot without fail. I've been in the business over 35 years and this was remarkable, my hat is off to the inventor!"
Verified Customer

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